Virtual Gallery Showing & Sale

Greta Balzer Back In The Day Oil 16x20 $850.00 Shipping $40.00

Greta Balzer On The Boarder Oil 12x16 $750.00 Shipping $40.00

Kathy Reilly Breaking Ice Oil $545.00 Shipping $ 20.00

Scott Lancasire Self Portrait

Greta Balzer Dappled Sun Oil 9x12

Scott Lancashire East 5 Oil 12x16 $1000.00

Kathy Reilly Ancient Endurance Oil 16x20 $1700.00 Shipping $40.00

Greta Balzer Boulder Co. Ranch 16x20 Oil $900.00 Shipping $40.00

Marty Brens Morning on the South Platte 9x12 Oil $970.00 Shipping $40.00

Scott Lancashire Buck Ridge 3 Oil 12x18 $1,100.00

Greta Balzer Where The Coyotes Roam Oil 9x12 $450.00 Shipping $20.00

Greta Balzer Fall Snow Melt 18x24 Oil $1000.00 Shipping $80.00

Scott Lancashire East 4 Oil 12x16 1000.00

Greta Balzer Stormy Sky On Magnolia Oil 12x16 $750.00 Shipping $40.00

Kathy Reilly Subsiding Light Oil 11x14 $775.00 Shipping $20.00

Kathy Reilly Closing Down Oil 16x20 $1700.00 Shipping $40.000

Greta Balzer Thunderbolt Valley 16x20 $850.00 Shipping $40.00

Marty Brens Fall Garden 16x20Oil Low Res $1,300.00 Shipping $60.00

Greta Balzer Yellow Grasses Oil 10x14 $600.00 Shipping $20.00

Marty Brens Picket Fence 12x12 $ 1,075.00 Shipping 45.00

Greta Balzer Pink Marsh Oil 8x10 $300.00 Shipping $20.00

Kathy Reilly Boundless Oil 16x20 1700.00 Shipping $40.00

Scott Lancashire Luge 10x20 Oil $ 1000.00


More Images Will Be Added As Artists Join in the show and Create More Work

Scott Lancashire House Shadow 10x14 Oil $ 800.00


Finding the Silver Lining in tough times can be a challenge, but well worth the effort

Scott Lancashire Buck Ridge 2 Oil 10x14 $ 800.00

We artists are doing our best to stay inspired.. we are hoping to inspire you as well


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Silver Lining show works will be delivered directly from the artist

55 Utica St Ward C.O
Box 223 80481

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