Mary Morse

Felt Hats & Specialty items

Wool and or Wool Cotton blend

Dyed with elements strait from nature.

Amazing Grace Felt Hat Sm. $109.00

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Felt Hat Med. $109.00

Wool Felt Lace Scarf $69.00

Yarn is 100% wool

Dyed with local Aspen leaves and or natural elements.

Yarn comes in multiple weights.


Bulky $12.00

Bouclet $16.00

Variegated Bulky $12.00

Bulky $12.00

Scarfs are 100% Silk or Wool Silk blend.

Dyed & printed with local plants.

Each one is a unique design.

Silk Scarf 62-B $59.00

Silk Scarf 58-B $59.00

Silk Scarf #55 $49.00

Silk Scarf 56-A $59.00

Silk Scarf 61-A $59.00

Silk Scarf 53-A $59.00

Silk Scarf 39-B $24.00

Silk/Wool Scarf 52-B $59.00

Silk Scarf 35-A $49.00

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